Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Customer Satisfaction Runs High at Homes by Vanderbuilt

Homes by Vanderbuilt has been in the modular home business for over 30 years and has created many happy homeowners along the way.
Experience has taught that the role Homes By Vanderbuilt plays in the purchase of a new modular home is critical. On-site experience coupled with hundreds of satisfied families insures homeowners that the “Homes By Vanderbuilt” experience will be easy and hassle free.
Pride of workmanship is a term often used by the crews at Homes by Vanderbuilt, and it comes straight from the recommendations of happy customers. One Homes by Vanderbuilt homeowner was very much impressed by how diligently the Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crews worked on her modular home -- almost as though it was their own house. She confirmed that the work ethic and professionalism displayed by each member of the Homes by Vanderbuilt team was, and continues to be, an asset to the company.
Satisfied Homes by Vanderbuilt homeowners tell the story best. Here are a few Homes by Vanderbuilt testimonials from Homes by Vanderbuilt customers:

"The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew did a great job. They kept the job site clean and did great work. The Homes by Vanderbuilt team was very courteous and did each job pointed out to them without a complaint."  Bobby & Amy - Liberty, NC

“We are thoroughly pleased to have had Gary and his Homes by Vanderbuilt team work on our home. Their professionalism, courtesy, and commitment to excellence in their work are commendable. We certainly would recommend Homes by Vanderbuilt to others considering Homes by Vanderbuilt modular homes.”
David - Elberon, VA
"The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim crew did a great job. They were very professional and very knowledgeable and timely in their work on our Homes by Vanderbuilt house. They had no problem answering any questions we had concerning what was being done and how issues were being addressed. They made the whole Homes by Vanderbuilt house finishing experience go smoothly and painless. Thank you for providing a crew of such caliber.” Mr. & Mrs. B, NC

If keeping costs down and reducing a home’s carbon footprint is important to you, then an energy-saving modular home from Homes By Vanderbuilt is a great choice for your next home.  

Homes by Vanderbuilt
3300 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Sanford, NC 27332
Telephone: 919-774-6319

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homes by Vanderbuilt Relieves Buyer Stress

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting but stress-filled experience. That’s why the team at Homes by Vanderbuilt works hard to create peace-of-mind for the buyer at all points in the process of buying their home.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Modular Homes: The Original Green Living

Modular homes were green long before the word became a catch-phrase in the home building industry.  Modular building techniques are extremely efficient and produce less waste than typical methods.  Even in this already eco-friendly climate, Homes By Vanderbuilt is raising the bar for green living.

As of January 2011, all of the homes offered by Homes by Vanderbuilt will surpass, not merely meet, the stringent requirements of the Energy Star rating.  Energy Star is a joint program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.  Earning the Energy Star means a home or an appliance has met the strict guidelines of energy efficiency set by these two demanding agencies.

Owning an Energy Star modular home is more than just a title.  It’s a way to save money on monthly bills.  These homes can save their owners hundreds each year and up to $10,000 over the course of a mortgage.  Plus, they reduce the amount of CO2 a home expels into the atmosphere.

There are a number of options to create the most energy-efficient home.  Homes By Vanderbuilt homes can include nearly every one.  In fact, they offer some homes that are designed to achieve the highest rating offered in the Energy Star program: the coveted 5 Star performance rating.  These homes may cost as little as an estimated $19 per month to heat and cool.

Insulation is one way these modular homes conserve energy and lower energy costs.  They use spray foam insulation rather than traditional batts and rolls.  This product is literally sprayed into the area it insulates either with small spray containers or a larger pressurized system.  Spray foam creates a tighter seal by getting into every crack and crevice and fitting even irregularly shaped walls and attics.

Radiant barrier sheathing is another way of keeping costs down in the attic.  This barrier reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiant heat off of the roof of a home.  Attic temperatures are lowered and heat does not penetrate into home’s the living space.

The sun’s energy can overheat a home but it can also be harnessed to help make the home more efficient.  Solar powered vents can put installed into any Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home to further reduce attic temperatures and reduce cooling costs. 

There are also ways to reduce energy costs inside a modular home.  LED lighting can shave dollars off of the monthly bills.  On-demand water heaters use less far less energy yet can still provide an entire family with hot morning showers.  Of course, the more familiar Energy Star-rated appliances like refrigerators and oven can be installed into any Homes by Vanderbuilt home as well.

If keeping costs down and reducing a home’s carbon footprint is important to you, then an energy-saving modular home from Homes By Vanderbuilt is a great choice for your next home.  

Homes by Vanderbuilt
3300 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Sanford, NC 27332
Telephone: 919-774-6319

Against the Odds

Technology involved in building a modular home has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade. The new eco-friendly methods and materials are impressive in their ability to save both energy and money. Despite these advances though, many modular home builders have suffered and closed in the recession. Against the odds though, Homes by Vanderbuilt has succeeded where others have failed.

Changes in the economy and changes in the financial industry put incredible stress on the modular home industry as a whole. Banks were forced to eliminate many of the options that builders used to finance the high cost of building multiple models for display.

Called “floorplan financing”, these options are lines of credit that builders use to keep fresh, new modular models on display. The disruption in the banking industry has made securing this type of financing increasingly difficult. Banks are only offering affordable floorplan financing to businesses that have a long-standing history of healthy credit and sound financial decision-making.

Many builders did not have the financial stability needed to maintain their floorplan financing and were not able to keep up their displays. They were forced to reduce their inventory or leave models to become badly outdated in features and decor. This contributed to serious declines in sales and the demise of many builders. More than 70% of home builders have failed during the past seven years.

Homes by Vanderbuilt has succeeded in spite of the negative industry trends. This company has retained its solid standing in financial circles, kept its large model center up to date and has even expanded its award-winning display. The beautiful model center at Homes by Vanderbuilt boasts nearly three dozen fully-decorated homes for visitors to browse.

No other builders can match this display center in size or quality. It remains the largest display of its kind in the US. In addition to the many models on display, Homes by Vanderbuilt also offers a large variety of choices for homebuyers. There are over 150 home plans available in many different pricing categories.

Homes by Vanderbuilt’s modular homes feature the more exciting trends in the industry. All of their homes surpass Energy Star standards and even more eco-friendly choices are available through the Xtreme Green product line.

Homes by Vanderbuilt continues to uphold its tradition of leadership and strength in the industry, even in these unfavorable economic conditions. For more than a quarter of a century, this company has consistently met and surpassed its customers’ expectations for quality, value and service. Regardless of negative industry trends, this company will continue to thrive well into the future.

Homes by Vanderbuilt is located in Sanford, North Carolina and its showrooms offer more than 100 floor plans from which to choose. For more information on floorplans or to schedule a visit to one of their showrooms, visit:

Homes by Vanderbuilt
3300 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Sanford, NC 27332
Telephone: 919-774-6319

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vanderbuilt Homes Appreciate in Value

Real estate bubbles and crashes aside, the purchase of any house is generally viewed as a smart, long-term investment. Modular homes from Homes by Vanderbuilt have an even higher regard in terms of financial return. Because of the high construction quality that is a hallmark of houses built by Homes by Vanderbuilt, the resale value can be substantively more than that of similarly sized homes that were built on-site using traditional construction methods.

Not only does the integrity of the structure and building materials used provide both fire and hurricane safety selling points with Homes by Vanderbuilt construction, but houses built by Homes by Vanderbuilt are simply better able to stand up to wear and tear of daily life and weather, so that they show better. Resale value very much depends on the first impression that curb appeal can make, and Homes by Vanderbuilt always builds with an eye to the future.

Homes by Vanderbuilt customizations, including accessibility features for the people with special needs, can greatly increase the resale value of a residence built by Homes by Vanderbuilt. From specially equipped kitchens and bathrooms to wider doorways and halls, along with popular luxury features like vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets and ensuites with jacuzzis, Homes by Vanderbuilt has the ability to alter plans and build to customer spec from the outset.

Homes by Vanderbuilt has more than 30 years of experience providing modular homes to satisfied homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina and Virginia, Homes by Vanderbuilt provides their customers with invaluable advice, including a warning that any extensive modifications to a Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home (once it’s been installed on the buyer’s site) can void the home warranty as set out by HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development). Homes by Vanderbuilt can also point their buyers to insurance companies that specialize in providing modular home insurance.

This kind of knowledge is literally money in the bank, and is one of the reasons why Homes by Vanderbuilt encourages their modular home buyers to customize at the planning stage. It’s also why so many buyers refer friends and family to Homes by Vanderbuilt.

Homes by Vanderbuilt offers one of the largest on-site showrooms in the Southeast with over 30 Homes by Vanderbuilt models available for inspection. They offer the opportunity to browse through catalogs that review another 120 Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home plans. These Homes by Vanderbuilt plans are presented by price category and provide those considering a purchase a wide selection of modular homes. Homes by Vanderbuilt can also quote derivations of these plans, custom plans and plans from other builders. For more information on the ease of living with a Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home call 800-801-1064 or visit them at

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customize Your Modular Home!

The misconception that many people think is that modular homes are mobile homes — a mass-produced box, indistinguishable from the next. The reality is that the level of personal customization, seen and created daily at Homes by Vanderbuilt, is one of the biggest differences between Homes by Vanderbuilt modular homes and manufactured housing.

Homes by Vanderbuilt regularly builds modular homes to any specification and size requested by the homebuyer. It’s not just the difference in the number of stories, say the sales teams at Homes by Vanderbuilt. These do range dramatically, from simple bungalows and split-level ranch homes to two-story executive homes, but it’s also the Homes by Vanderbuilt amenities involved that make each home so unique — including granite kitchen counter tops, ensuites with whirlpool tubs and even specially designed wiring.

Customizing your Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home starts with selecting a basic floor plan, and then choosing options and upgrades. Sometimes buyers will bring ideas from other plans they’ve seen to Homes by Vanderbuilt and ask to incorporate specific features. Once the variables have been decided, the Homes by Vanderbuilt engineering staff reviews the plans for structural purposes. Once that’s signed off, construction begins.

Factory-built homes from Homes by Vanderbuilt are usually ready for transport just weeks after the commencement of building. While the house is being prepared by Homes by Vanderbuilt, the on-site Homes by Vanderbuilt crew prepares the building’s foundation so no time is lost when the time comes for installation.
Homes by Vanderbuilt says that simply designed units take just two weeks after being delivered to move-in, while more complex trims and customizations might require up to 90 days. However, when you remember that site-built homes (from the date of the initial order to the move-in date) can take up to a year on average, while modular homes from Homes by Vanderbuilt usually take no more than 3 months, the time advantage is clear.

What Customers Are Saying About Homes by Vanderbuilt:

The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crew was very professional and I am satisfied with the excellent job.
Thelma – Hillsborough, NC

The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew did a wonderful job and did the very best at everything they worked on. These guys have done a very good job at my house!
Tim & Tammy – Roseboro, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew was very personable which made us feel comfortable with them. Homes by Vanderbuilt listened carefully and responded in a professional manner. Homes by Vanderbuilt completed all the items we discussed and gave advice on items we did not understand. A couple of great guys!”   
Lonni & Vickie – Sanford, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew was very nice. Never complained about what we wanted or needed fixed. I was very pleased with the Homes by Vanderbuilt work and personalities.”   
Tiffany – Clarkton, NC

I couldn’t believe how smooth it all went. This is our first new home and Tommy and I have felt very well taken care of. Homes by Vanderbuilt deserves pats on the backs! We will be sending friends your way.
Erin – Asheboro, NC

“The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. Homes by Vanderbuilt completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening.”
Elmore – Bonlee, NC