Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customize Your Modular Home!

The misconception that many people think is that modular homes are mobile homes — a mass-produced box, indistinguishable from the next. The reality is that the level of personal customization, seen and created daily at Homes by Vanderbuilt, is one of the biggest differences between Homes by Vanderbuilt modular homes and manufactured housing.

Homes by Vanderbuilt regularly builds modular homes to any specification and size requested by the homebuyer. It’s not just the difference in the number of stories, say the sales teams at Homes by Vanderbuilt. These do range dramatically, from simple bungalows and split-level ranch homes to two-story executive homes, but it’s also the Homes by Vanderbuilt amenities involved that make each home so unique — including granite kitchen counter tops, ensuites with whirlpool tubs and even specially designed wiring.

Customizing your Homes by Vanderbuilt modular home starts with selecting a basic floor plan, and then choosing options and upgrades. Sometimes buyers will bring ideas from other plans they’ve seen to Homes by Vanderbuilt and ask to incorporate specific features. Once the variables have been decided, the Homes by Vanderbuilt engineering staff reviews the plans for structural purposes. Once that’s signed off, construction begins.

Factory-built homes from Homes by Vanderbuilt are usually ready for transport just weeks after the commencement of building. While the house is being prepared by Homes by Vanderbuilt, the on-site Homes by Vanderbuilt crew prepares the building’s foundation so no time is lost when the time comes for installation.
Homes by Vanderbuilt says that simply designed units take just two weeks after being delivered to move-in, while more complex trims and customizations might require up to 90 days. However, when you remember that site-built homes (from the date of the initial order to the move-in date) can take up to a year on average, while modular homes from Homes by Vanderbuilt usually take no more than 3 months, the time advantage is clear.

What Customers Are Saying About Homes by Vanderbuilt:

The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] crew was very professional and I am satisfied with the excellent job.
Thelma – Hillsborough, NC

The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew did a wonderful job and did the very best at everything they worked on. These guys have done a very good job at my house!
Tim & Tammy – Roseboro, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew was very personable which made us feel comfortable with them. Homes by Vanderbuilt listened carefully and responded in a professional manner. Homes by Vanderbuilt completed all the items we discussed and gave advice on items we did not understand. A couple of great guys!”   
Lonni & Vickie – Sanford, NC

“The [Homes by Vanderbuilt] trim crew was very nice. Never complained about what we wanted or needed fixed. I was very pleased with the Homes by Vanderbuilt work and personalities.”   
Tiffany – Clarkton, NC

I couldn’t believe how smooth it all went. This is our first new home and Tommy and I have felt very well taken care of. Homes by Vanderbuilt deserves pats on the backs! We will be sending friends your way.
Erin – Asheboro, NC

“The Homes by Vanderbuilt trim team were extremely helpful and courteous to us. They went beyond answering our questions by reassuring us when needed and also by making phone calls to obtain information when needed. Homes by Vanderbuilt completed work in a very timely manner, often working late into the evening.”
Elmore – Bonlee, NC